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I have a pressure washer that the unloader valve cycles every second I have no idea why. I feel that the unloader nedds to be replaced but I am not sure. I would like to have your imput on what seems to be the problem. This is my first visit to this site. It's a good one.

If you're not using the machine when it's running the unloader will cycle constantly. Does the machine shut off when you pull the trigger, is the pressure inconsistant when using it? If your not having any of these problems the unloader is probably fine.

I recently broke the outlet extension on my Generac pressure washer. Had to replace the manifold because it broke as we tried to get the broken piece out. Now, I only have minimal pressure ( not enough to wash with ). What hae I done ???

It sounds like you'er really having a tough time with this washer... First, I would suggest checking your unloader to see if you changed the pressure output, if the unloader is good, try pulling out the pistons in the pump to make sure the seals are in good condition. If there are no problems with those two items take your machine to a repair shop. You may have to rebuild or replace your pump.

I am looking at a 6 horse Honda motor power washer with a comet pump. 2600 psi and 3 gpm. My question is the comet pump a realiable pump, and do these numbers sound right?

If you're planning on using this around your home it's fine. If you're planning on starting a power washing company I'd pass on this one and look for a belt drive machine that puts out at least 4gpm.

I have a Troy-Bilt Model 020208 (5HP Honda/2500 PSI/2.5 GPM) and I had to replace the manifold due to stripped threads on the HP outlet. In replacing the manifold I am re-using the old unloader valve. Being a novice in PW repair I started to unscrew the nut that is against the spring thinking this is how to remove it from the old manifold. I screwed it back as tight as I thought it should be but I'm afraid that I might have messed up the "factory setting" of the valve. How can I can tell if the valve is working properly?

Just buy a pressure gauge and hook it up to your machine. I'd back your unloader down first, just in case you tightened it up too much. Then start the unit and adjust the unloader until it's at the machines specs.

I have karcher K2400 pressure washer w/ honda gc160 5.0 hp engine.

When first starting the machine, pressure is fine, however, if I release the trigger, pressure disappears until i disconnect a segment of the wand, shoot water thru it, and then reconnect the wand segment.any ideas?

Does the same thing happen when you just use the machine with a gun and no wand? If so, it may be your unloader. If not, then you may have something blocking the nozzle or the wand.

I want a pressure washer that will accept gravity flow from a large storage tank on my truck. All the pressure washers I have seen require about 20 psi at the inlet to operate. Is there a machine that will accept just gravity flow?

Yes a belt drive machine will pull water from a tank. Here is a link to an article that will give you some more information about buying the right pressure washer.Selecting the right new pressure washer

Can a residential pressure washer be used for exterior cleaning of house windows, or will the pressure be too much?

I wouldn't suggest it, most machines put out too much pressure and even if they don't, any pressure at all may cause the windows to leak around the edges

I have a northstar pressure washer. it has a General ts1511 pump and a honda 13hp engine. its a 4gpm @ 3500psi.

what do i need to do to make this work with a 500 gallon tank (gravity flow) type set up? I dont have access to a water supply where i work so i need a pressure washer that can run off gravity flow. thanks alot for your answer.

If it's a direct drive power washer you probably won't be able to do this. This unit sounds like the ones they sell at home depot and lowes. To feed off of a tank like that you should get a belt drive unit instead, contact a distributor in your area or one online, they can help you

I have a trailer mounted rig built in 1993. It is missing the unloader and hi-limit switch.The spec's are:Kohler 18HP gas engine,General pump TS1020(3000psi/4.5GPM),Farley 18 inch diameter coil oil fired heater with 440,000 BTU MAX.Can you recommend or give spec's for a proper limit switch and unloader valve. It looks like the old unloader bypassed onto the street as there is no provision to recirculate back into the pump.Please let me know if you can help or if you need more info. I don't know much about these machines and want to put this one back in shape.

Contact a distributor so they can look up the machine specs in a catalog to find the parts you need. Also, on the unloader bypass, I'd suggest having it bypass back into your tank or float tank. This will allow your pump to cool better and you won't lose any water.

I have an XP2500 pressure washer with 5hp honda that I bought used and the problem I'm having is as long as the trigger on the wand is pulled the thing runs and works fine but if you let go of the trigger it kills the motor instantly. Can you tell me what is causing this and will it be expensive to fix?

It's a simple fix, you need to replace the unloader. Just contact a distributor and give them the specs and they can mail you the part. It will be under a $100 and you can change it yourself. Just don't adjust the unloader itself when you get it.

I recently purchased my first pressure washer. A Ryobi 3000 psi, 2.7 GPM model RY800300A. It worked great for the first couple of hours, but then the spray wand started to leak water when the trigger was released. It is coming out the end, as if the trigger was pulled in slightly. Is this a problem with the spray wand, the unloader/regulator, the pump? There doesnt seem to be a large support network for ryobi pressure washers in my area. I called the service center listed on ryobis web page only to have them tell me they dont service the pressure washers. I assume all these parts are under warranty? Also, i noticed the spring looking valve (unloader valve?)on the pump would cycle in and out and the engine rpm would change when the trigger was pulled previously. Now, it doesnt do either of these things things anymore.

Any suggestions? Isthere a way to adjust the regulator (unloader)? There appears to be a set screw and lock nut on it.

the gun continues to leak when you aren't pulling the trigger I would check the gun first, it may have something partially obstructing the valve inside. I can't recommend adjusting your unloader unless you have a pressure gauge and you know what your doing. I'd suggest fixing the gun first or replace it possibly. Then see how everything works before you start messing with other adjustments

Can I replace my unloader valve with any brand as long ast it matches my gpm & psi ratings? I know there are pressure and flow unloaders but didn't know if the unloader has to match the brand of pump or brand of washer.

You can use any brand unloader like you said. Just make sure it matches your machines specs.

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