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Is there a mathmatical formula or chart for determining Psi.I saw in a previous question where a man had a 4000 psi/4 gpm/ tip size 4.0.He wanted to lower his psi to 3000. He was told to go to a 4.5 tip which would lower it to 3000 psi with still the 4 gpm flow.I have a 2600 psi/2.5 gpm/tip 3.0. If I go to a 3.5 tip or a 4.0 tip what would my psi drop to ?.By what percentage for each increase (0.5 tip) size would my psi drop.Thanks for your time to answer.It would be nice to have a chart for this.

You can view a nozzle sizing chart on this very website

Nozzle Sizing Chart

I have a pressure washer that the unloader valve cycles every second I have no idea why. I feel that the unloader nedds to be replaced but I am not sure. I would like to have your imput on what seems to be the problem. This is my first visit to this site. It's a good one. Thanks, Frank

If you're not using the machine when it's running the unloader will cycle constantly. Does the machine shut off when you pull the trigger, is the pressure inconsistant when using it? If you're not having any of these problems the unloader is probably fine.

My pressure washer doesn't put up any pressure, just normal water flow. it has a new unloader valve on it. please help!!

It sounds like you may have another bad unloader or some other problem like a bad pump. Take the machine to a local repair shop and have them check the rings and gaskets in it.

I have a pressure washer thats about 2 yrs old but has only been used about 10 times.It runs but has no pressure.Ive also have taken the handle off to run it that way to.Same result.It hasent frozen or anything like that.Help

Hi Stacey, do you mean it puts out very little water, no water or just doesn't have any pressure? Check these things.
1. Does it have a tip in the end of the wand?
2. Is water leaking out of it.
3. Is water going into the machine from your garden hose.
4. Is the little screen inside the fitting where you attach the garden hose clogged up?

I am using a 6.0hp pressure washer at 2750psi and 2.7 gpm. I have an X-jet nozzle but the chemical will travel 75% of the way up the hose but no further. Could you tell me what I can do or what the problem might be? Thank you.

I don't believe that your unit is powerful enough to handle an x jet but, check to see if you have an air leak in your line. Either at the plastic ball valve or one of the other connectors. That could be the problem also.

I am looking in to starting a power washing company. I live in Central Indiana. What do you think about paying a CD on starting the business? $50. Do you think it is a good deal? Do you think Central Indiana is a good place to start a business?

Hi Tim, Personally I haven't seen a cd or book bought on the internet that I would reccomend. What I would suggest is to check into the PWNA. Most members would be happy to have you work with them for a couple of days and learn how to do things correctly. If you can't find one in your area, you're welcome to work with one of my crews. Just let me know.

How to adjust or set valves and set the timing on a Honda 5.0 hp GC Series 160 cm gasoline engine.GCAH -1154384.Need info here or resource for obtaining amanual for maintenance.Thank you

Hey Jerry, For specific specs on machines and engines, contact the manufacturer. We can help with basic questions or with proper procedures but we don't have engine and machine statistics like this.

[Try the Honda Engines Website]

I bought a 3500 psi 5 gpm came with 5.5 tips.ithe presure wasnt that great so i experimented with a # 8 tip and it seems like i get better flow and pressure.should i adjust my unloader to get more pres with the 5.5 tips or stick with the #8s?

NO, don't touch your unloader. If you want to adjust your pressure do it by changing your tips. Now, having said that, don't worry about PSI, focus on getting the most gallons per minute instead. If you are using the right chemicals you won't need pressure at all, just the ability to rinse quickly and that machine sounds just perfect for that.

I have a home owner pressure washer,2.5 gpm/2600 PSI/ Honda GC-160 engine.I just got it from Northen Tool.I installed one of the ouick connect pressure gauges. When the machine is running and the the water NOT flowing the gauge reads 2600 PSI which is what the unit is rated at.With the water flowing it drops to about 2300 PSI.I know under load the RPM's drop,so would the pressure.Are all washers PSI ratings determined with no flow?.So I really only have a 2300 PSI washer.The engine under no load or water flow rpm is about 3670-3700.Seems like a little misleading on PSI ratings from actual psi to no-load/flow rating.I can't tell 250-300 psi difference anyway.Just a curious question.Thanks for the great web-site.

Most Manufacturers rate their machines PSI under optimal testing situations. I've heard others say they thought it was a bit misleading also but the difference you are noticing isn't that big of a deal. Pressure is highly over rated in the first place, it's GPM that plays a bigger factor in how quickly you can clean something. The only surface you may ever clean with that much PSI is concrete, and to do that, you should have hot water also. Everything else is usually cleaned with less than 1,000PSI.

What do you beleive to be the least expensive method of dealing with containment/stop loss issues in regard to stormwater drains.San Antonio is now strictly enforcing (citations in tow)for any violation of runoff. Need to move quickly to address the issue before it becomes a problem.

Hi Bridgette, I'm not sure what the requirements are in your area but it's usually a lot easier than most people think to provide EPA compliancy. Check into the PWNA Environmental certification program or find out exactly what their laws are and what you have to do to comply. Depending on what you're cleaning you may just have to pick up your wastewater, or you may be able to pump it into a sanitary sewer system for the state to treat.

PWNA website

What's the best way to clean synthetic stucco/dryvit? We have a hot-water pressure washer and it's not enough. Are there any detergents that would help?

Hi Miles,
Almost any type of house wash can be used on stucco but you may have to agitate it with a brush to give it a bit of extra kick. Don't use too hot of a water with stucco or much pressure at all. It can cause more harm than good. Never rely on pressure or just plain hot water to clean for you. When using the right chemicals and methods you can clean a house 60% faster than wihout chemicals.

For chemicals, try searching the internet or check with Sun Brite Supply

Sun Brite Supply

I am borrowing a gas powered pressure washer and it wouldn't start. sounded like it wasn't getting enough air so I checked the filter and it had alot of oil in it, on it and around it. It started up right away without the filter and themn choked out when I put it back in. My question - is the filter suppose to have oil in it?

Hi Ryan, I'm not a mechanic but as far as I know from repairs I've done in the past no, there should'nt be oil in the filter. It sounds like the machine has been tipped over on it's side for a while. Take it back or take it to a mechanic, they should be able to clean it out again.

In my tool rental business we experienced this on a weekly basis, it was always due to the machine having been tipped over on it's side.