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What I would like to know most is.......: How to properly pressure wash my house. I have access to a Sears pressure washer and would like to tackle my vinyl sided multilevel house. Some green mold on the sides that don't get any sun plus the gutters keep getting clogged with debris from the 100' Tulip tree that we have in the yard. Looking for it on a ladder, do it from the ground or from the roof....attachments for cleaning the gutters etc. Have never used a pressure washer in my life.....

If you have never used a pressure washer before I would be hesitant to start using one now. You can cause quite a bit of damage with a power washer if you don't know what you're doing and you can also cause significant mold problems, far worse than you have now. Here is an article on power washing siding, just in case you decide to tackle it anyway.

The Art of Power Washing Siding

I'm a painter who uses a pressure washer with a 3 ft extension frequently high up on ladders, etc... pressure washing is exhausting for me because up on a ladder, I must grip the ladder with one hand and pressure wash with the other, the wand's pressure makes it want to shoot every which way and I must grip it extremely hard to control the direction of the flow. Long story short, is there some sort of advanced expensive wand I can buy that somehow compensates for this pressure? I'd like to be able to just hold the weight of the wand and pressure wash without exhausting my hand so that I have to switch hands every 2 minutes. Please help, thanks!!

Hi Jason, there are actually a couple of ways to avoid this problem. First I assume that your using high pressure in order to do your cleaning instead of using chemicals to do the work for you. Here are a few options you can use to solve your problem:

1. Hire a professional power washer to do your prep work for you. This will enable you to get better results without having to do the work yourself. It will also enable you to use your time for what you do best, Painting! You will find that power washers can also refer quite a bit of work to you as well which will work out extremely well for both of you. To find a reliable and professional power washer, go to PWNA

2. Buy an extension wand and do the work from the ground (with chemicals).For extension wands, check Power Wash Supply

3. Buy an x-jet and use chemicals, with this method your only applying a soap, letting it work, then rinsing it off.For X Jets, check

4. Use a downstream injector to apply the chemicals to the house.

Also, if you decide to do this on your own, search on the internet for an article called "The Art of Power Washing" It's an article I wrote a few years ago that explains the easy and proper procedures for washing siding.

I have a 4,000 psi pressure washer at 4 gallons per minute. I want to buy a 24 ft. long reach wand but the heaviest one I can find only supports 3,000 psi. Does this mean I have to buy a 3,000 psi machine just to use a long reach wand?

Don't go spending $1,000 just yet. Your solution can be had for as little as five bucks. It works like this...your 4,000 psi machine comes with high pressure tips that have a 4.0 orifice. A 4.0 orifice produces 4,000 psi @ 4 gpm, by simply inserting a 4.5 tip into the end of your long wand it will produce 3,000 psi @ 4 gpm - problem solved- Randall

Learn more about sizing nozzles

I have a generac washer, when I let go of the trigger the engine kicks out

Hi John, It sounds like your unloader is either clogged up or you need to replace it. That's what usually causes this kind of problem.

What is the best way to layout (plumb) a power washing trailer. I want seperate chemical applicator setup on trailer. What size reels will work for most residential applications. FYI...Using a 4 gpm machine, will start with cold water and chemicals but once business gets going plan on going to hot water. Also going to do roofs.

Hi Scott, it's not really possible for me to give you a layout for your trailer setup. You want something that works best for you, not what would work the best for me. If you want you can give me a call and I can try finding out what you have, and what you want to do with it. If you're running a 4gpm machine, I'd just use a pickup truck and mount it in the back with a couple of hose reels.

I'm just starting out pressure washing and am thinking of buying a honda 2000psi petrol 11 litres a minute and would that be ok

I take it you're not from the United States... No, in my opinion this machine is not going to perform for you very well. I would suggest looking for a machine that puts out a minimum of 4 gallons per minute (16 liters per minute?) You can use the machine you mentioned but it will work far slower than your competitors and in this business, time is money.

How and where do I find out about what I should charge for services. Those being decks, vinyl siding, docks, boats etc. I live in central maine and want to know a fair price for my area? thanks for the help..........bill

Hi Bill, The best thing I could suggest to answer your question is to ask other contractors in your area. Pricing varies a LOT depending on where you live and what you do. Now finding contractors that will share this information with you honestly isn't easy to do. I'd suggest looking into the Power Washers of North America. I'm a member and I know that almost everyone I have ever talked to has been willing to help each other out at any time with reliable information. They also have a free newsletter that you can join on the Website that can give you a lot of tips and information about the industry.

I am in my second year of business Power Washing, I do it part time to supplement my income and enjoy the work. My question is basic: chemicals injected through a power washer are diluted at what rate?

I experimented on a moldy roof using a chemical called Roof Be Clean. I diluted the chemical as per mfr. instructions but after going through the power washer it was so diluted it didn't work. I have a 12HP 5000 psi unit I purchased from Northern Tool last year.

This depends on the amount of water your machine is putting out, what type of downstreamer you're using and the amount and type of chemical you're using. Any of these things can cause the problem you're having. Check the documentation that came with your unit to be sure. Another tool that you will find amazingly useful is the M5 Xjet. After you use one of these you will be amazed at how much faster you can work and how exact you can be with your chemical dilutions.

[My experience in owning tool rental centers is that standard downstream injectors dilute at 10:1. The suggestion re: the Xjet is a good one it's an excellent injector and a real time saver.- Randall]

Which tpe of pressure washer would you recomend for a mobile auto dealership inventory washing business? It would probably need the capability to wash 200-300 cars daily and be mounted in a pickup bed or full size van. Thank you for your help.

I would suggest a skid mounted unit that puts out about 5gpm of hot water. I'm not sure if Randall has any recommendations but I would check into a unit like this one:View Image
Another thing you must take into consideration is water reclamation. Read up on the Clean Water Act and make sure that you reclaim the water you are using. 2-300 cars a day may not be realistic if you are just starting into this field. It's a lot harder to do than you might think so make sure you find some excellent chemical products for fleet washing, they will help a lot.

I live in the Charlotte NC area. I have been pressure washing since 1988, however I have not been doing many commercial jobs. I am wanting to start bidding on more commercial jobs such as with new construction houses, apartment buildings and flat work.

What would be a good way of setting a price for these areas. I charge .10-.12 per heated sq. ft. to clean houses with a min. of $150.

I would suggest contact other power washing companies in your area that can help you with this. Every area's prices can fluctuate drastically. Check into the PWNA where you can network with other contractors in your

I want to use a single wall mounted pressure washer to be piped to three different locations, the washer is rated for 2000 psi. what type of pipe would work and valves, thanks

In a situation like this you can use metal pipe from your local hardware store. Make sure you use piping that will hold up to 3,000 PSI to give yourself a safety margin. On each connection use plumbers thread tape to prevent leaks. You should also consider using ball valves at each the end of each run so you can cut off the flow when you want. There are a two things you have to know though..
1. Most hardware store ball valves are not made for this kind of pressure.
2. A power washer can not be left running unless your'e using it, the machine uses water running through it to cool itself so leaving the machine running in bypass mode for extended periods will cause heat buildup from friction heating the water which will damage your pump.

I have recently purchased a TS2021 pump. As Viewed from the head, the shaft is on the left so I presume that it is a left side shaft. In the general installation manual it is explained that shaft rotation is to be ccw. Is that statement true for both the right hand and left hand shafts? Is it difficult to change the output shaft to be a right hand output? Are there additional parts to buy other than new seals? Please advise as soon as you can.

William, Thanks for your inquiry. In cases like this it's best to grt your answer "straight from the horse's mouth" that said, my best advice is to follow this link: General Pump Service Centers and make a call to the service center closest to you. They will be glad to help because if you don't have them do the work you can always buy any parts required from them.-Randall

By the way, who sold you a Left-drive pump? right-drive is standard in 99% of applications, carpet cleaning machines are the main exceptions.

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